Assistant Mechanical Engineer

at KUKA Kunshan/China


Job Description:

According to departmental working plan and arrangement ,complete the continuous optimization, improvement and standardization of the products in the project


The continuous optimization, improvement and standardization of the products in the project:

  • Optimize and improve the product according to market dynamics and targets.
  • Standardize and serialize products according to project requirements.
  • According to the project requirement to standardize and serialize parts; real-time improvement and tracking of standardized products.


Project module design:

  • 2D project drawing blueprint is the main work, and there will be 3D design task at the same time.
  • Assist mechanical engineer to complete equipment specification , action sequence diagram, etc.


Technical support:

  • Provide technical support to assist purchasing engineer to select suppliers, outsourcing factory parts processing.
  • Assist mechanical engineer to support sales and planning department to develop customer solutions.
  • Carry out necessary support for QC, production and after-sales department.


Other work:

  • Collect, keep and document the relevant documents in the scope of this post.
  • Complete other tasks assigned by superior.


  • Bachelor or above degree, major in mechanical engineering. 
  • Good English reading and writing skills, can use UG and other engineering applications fluently.
  • More than one year experience in mechanical design.
  • Ability skills: Innovative consciousness, independent design ability , strong learning and thinking ability, analysis , judgment and problem solving ability ability. Understand, express, communicate and execute ability.
  • Rigorous, careful, efficient, teamwork, careful work, practical and strong learning ability.


  • 昆山
    昆山, 中国
  • KUKA
  • 设计部
  • 正式职位

开始时间: 尽快

Assistant Mechanical Engineer

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