Development Quality Engineer


  • 上海
    上海, 中国
  • KUKA
  • 技术部
  • 正式职位


  • Consult project development members in terms of quality assurance 

  • Contribute to project planning, participate in project team 

  • Train project members in procedures and processes 

  • Agree necessary documentation with project members 

  • Inspect project documentation and reviews 

  • Perform project assessments, communicate improvement potential 

  • Cooperate within development processes, improve as well as implement diverse methods and tools 

  • Prepare informational reports 

  • Introduction of gained knowledge and existing know-how 

  • Required:
    Assertiveness, flexibility and commitment 
    Reliability, perseverance and team spirit
    Conceptual thinking, initiative, independent way of working



  • Completed university degree in engineering, computer science, or similar 

  • Knowledge in product development process, project management 

  • Know-how in working with quality and process standards, e.g. ISO 9001, VDA 6.4,  and in dealing with methods and tools, in particular FMEA 

  • Good knowledge in process management, process modeling 

  • Knowledge of MS Office and SharePoint 

  • Knowledge of KUKA products would be advantageous 

  • Good English skills both written and spoken


Please send us your complete application documents by e-mail at the below-mentioned address.

开始时间: 尽快

Please apply here via email
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