Mechanical Engineer

at KUKA Shanghai/Shunde



  • 顺德
    顺德, 中国
  • KUKA
  • 项目管理部
  • 正式职位

Job Description:

Development and design of mechanical structures and components for robots, e.g. castings, drive trains according design standards including drafting and stress analysis.


  • State-of-the-art design of concepts, components and assembly groups
  • Consistent 3D-models according company standards
  • Drafting according international and company standards
  • Calculations about strength and machine elements
  • Contact person to customer service in mechanical issues
  • Contact person to purchasing in production issues
  • Support to quality issues
  • Noting potential for process/ product improvement


  • Team player
  • English language (German is a plus)
  • Coordination of work packages
  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Knowledge of automation technology
  • Understanding of mechanical systems
  • Master Degree in mechanical engineering
  • Knowledge in 3D CAD (best case NX)
  • Knowledge about machine elements
  • Practice in design and drafting of mechanical functions and components
  • Practice in dimensioning and FEA analysis (best case Ansys)
  • Basic knowledge in materials, castings and production processes
  • ERP knowledge (SAP)
  • Experience of living and working abroad (particularly Europa or USA) is an advantage
  • Experience in robotic industries is a benefit
  • Construction Methodology
  • Function analysis and risk management
  • Reporting and documentation

开始时间: 尽快

Please apply here via email
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