Production Manager

at KUKA Kunshan/China



  • 昆山
    昆山, 中国
  • KUKA
  • 策略部
  • 正式职位

Job Description:

Responsible for the overall management of the department, organize and improve the production command system.


  • Responsible for daily management of production department . Responsible for arranging, arranging and checking the work of the department, timely and effectively reporting the work.

  • To organize the development planning, management procedures, operation documents required for the functional management of this department, and to ensure compliance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations and headquarters management requirements.

  • To conscientiously implement the environmental protection, occupational health and safety, labor protection laws and regulations, and the provisions of the company's safety and environmental management.

  • Check the job status of all post personnel to ensure the effective performance of all post personnel.

  • Organize and review the annual staff demand plan, training plan and performance plan.

  • To organize and review the annual capital and material demand plan of the department.

  • Responsible for the safety and environmental protection of the departmen(Conduct necessary inspection and manage the use and maintenance of equipment. Responsible for the safety of workers).

  • Timely and truthfully report the safety and environmental accident of the department, participate in the investigation and analysis of the accident investigation and the general accident investigation.

  • Organize and implement the inspection before production, responsible for the production line of the risk analysis and evaluation, fully responsible for the company's production site management, to ensure the production process in accordance with the provisions of the quality management system documentation requirements at every level and safety environment management requirements.

  • Equipment maintenance and management: Organize necessary preventive maintenance and ensure that necessary equipment maintenance work is arranged in consideration of the production schedule.

  • Other work assigned by superior.


  • Bachelor or above degree, major in mechanical engineering or electrical design.

  • More than ten year experience in mechanical or electrical design and more than five years experience in middle management experience.

  • Familiar with industry information.

  • Strong leadership, judgment, decision-making ability, coordination, communication skills ,planning and execution abilitys.

  • Good English reading and writing skills

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Production Manager

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