Software Application Developer

at KUKA Shanghai/Shunde



  • 顺德
    顺德, 中国
  • KUKA
  • 信息技术部
  • 正式职位

Job Description:

Development and customization of innovative software solutions for applications with the robot, e.g. laser welding, specially developed for the Chinese market using the agile methods (e.g. Scrum).

Tasks include:

  • Representing the perspective of the operator in implementation decisions, operating the robot in tests during development
  • State-of-the-art software design
  • Coding of functions, modules, classes and similar software structures as part of the scrum team
  • Test automation of the developed software at unit, component and system level
  • Performance of manual acceptance and regression test
  • Maintenance and bug-fixing of existing software
  • Maintaining of functional interfaces to core development in Augsburg
  • Ensuring that development documentation is kept
  • Noting potential for process/product improvement


  • Individual responsibility for the implementation of development tasks within the scrum team
  • Ensuring the expandability of the developed software modules within the scrum team


  • Educational: Degree in computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering, or equivalent qualification
  • Specialist knowledge of Microsoft technologies, in particular .NET (C#), C++, WPF, WCF and Java technologies
  • Design patterns and specimens
  • Programming for real-time systems
  • Object-oriented analysis and design
  • Knowledge of automation technology
  • KRL knowledge is a plus
  • Several years of application experience with industrial robots in practical operation
  • Language Skills: fluent Written and Oral English Skills

Other skills:

  • Execution competence for the coding of functions
  • Active role in determining the architecture
  • Good sense of business with regard to the implementation of programming tasks
  • Structured working
  • Results-oriented, aptitude for planning and organization, excellent communication skills, ability to work well in teams
  • High level of personal dynamism and individual responsibility
  • Readiness for ongoing further development/education

开始时间: 尽快

Please apply here via email
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