Wolfgang-Dietrich Hein to be new Chairman of IWKA AG's Executive Board

Hein was appointed by the company's Supervisory Board at an extraordinary meeting on July 29, 2005, and will assume his new role effective September 1, 2005


Wolfgang-Dietrich Hein will be the new Chairman of the Executive Board of
IWKA Aktiengesellschaft in Karlsruhe.

Wolfgang-Dietrich Hein (56) graduated as a Dipl.-Ing. in electrical engineering.From 1974 to 1990, he had international responsibility in leading positions at tworenowned German mechanical and plant engineering companies, MAN andKrupp. Since 1990, he has worked as either managing director, board member orconsultant for a series of medium-size and large mechanical engineeringcompanies. Hein is currently the CEO of Coperion Holding, based in Stuttgart(formerly Werner & Pfleiderer AG). He is also a member of the board of theVDMA's (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - German EngineeringFederation) plastics machinery sector.

Reinhard Engel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of IWKA AG, made thefollowing statement regarding the appointment: "We are very pleased to havefound in Mr. Hein an expert with an excellent track record and internationalexperience in every facet of an assignment that is by no means an easy one. Mr.Hein has all the necessary professional credentials and personal attributes tomove IWKA forward and to position it for the future, both strategically andstructurally. IWKA has outstanding prospects. Mr. Hein will significantly contributeto tap the full potential."

According to Wolfgang-Dietrich Hein, "Taking the helm of IWKA is an intriguingchallenge. Not only does the company have a solid history, it also fulfills allprerequisites to take a top position at international level in each of the Group'sfields of activity and to sustainably improve the group's profitability. I am verymuch looking forward to this assignment."

IWKA is a globally operating group of automation companies with about 11,500employees that conducts business in the mechanical and plant engineeringsectors and focuses on the Automotive, Packaging and Robot technologies. In2004, the company generated sales revenues of EUR 2.3 billion.

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