KUKA at iREX 2019

From 18 to 21 December 2019 in Tokyo Big Sight, visitors can learn about the strengths of the robot and system builder at iREX, the world’s largest trade show  for electric/electronics, machine/tool and automotive industries.


KUKA 将在国际医疗器械展览会 (MEDICA) 上展示 LBR Med 这款产品的多种医疗应用。这款人机协作机器人的一个应用实例就是脊柱外科手术,展会期间将会展示这个手术过程。在此过程中,手动将该机器人引导到脊柱上需要手术的部位,或者机器人借助相应的影像或连接外置摄像机自动移动到需要手术治疗的部位。LBR Med 在需要治疗的部位保持其设定的位置不动并协助手术的进行。

拥有无限应用潜力的一款机器人:LBR Med

The next generation: the new KR QUANTEC features greater performance, precision and speed than ever before

The KR QUANTEC is the world’s first industrial robot to have digital Motion Modes. The software add-ons can be activated easily on the robot controller, optimizing the performance of the robot for important motion sequences. Depending on the work step, the robot can switch to and from between the individual Motion Modes. 

Performance mode: impressively versatile and the right Motion Mode for the majority of tasks – from handling and spot welding to machining and loading/unloading.

Path mode: is used for continuous-path motion and increases the precision for both low and high path velocities – for example in adhesive bonding, measuring or laser applications.

Dynamic mode: the right choice when the objective is to reduce cycle times. 

Hardware becomes software – thanks to the add-on digital plug-in Motion Modes 
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