And the winners are...

“red dot”: KUKA robots sweep the board


Augsburg, April 2008 – The “red dot” award enjoys international recognition – and not just in designer circles. KUKA Roboter is therefore particularly proud to have won this accolade yet again, building on its past successes. This year, the Bavarian manufacturer of industrial robots even had two of its products honored with the “red dot award: product design”. Following the spectacular feat which earned it an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, the heavy-duty professional KR 1000 TITAN has now made a second appearance in the limelight, this time in tandem with the KR 16.
Since 1995, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen has been awarding its famous “red dot” to outstanding examples of international product design, bestowing on its winners a globally recognized seal of quality. While a number of other KUKA robots – KR 150 K, KR 180 K and KR 210 K from the 2000 Series – gained recognition in 2002, this year it was the turn of the KR 16 and the KR 1000 TITAN to be among the winners.

Close alliance between design know-how and engineering

The award is the result of a close alliance between design know-how and the art of engineering. In the development of new KUKA products, design expert Mario Selic is consulted at a very early stage. The results of this cooperation speak for themselves.

KUKA quality comes out on top

The 3,203 products entered in the competition were evaluated not only on the basis of design aspects, but also with regard to criteria such as innovation, ergonomics and environmental compatibility. The KR 16 scored, for example, on account of its very low particle emission, and its versatility and flexibility. The KR 1000 TITAN impressed the jury with its prodigious strength. The powerful, streamlined design was also rated very highly. As well as being graceful to the eye, both robots offer long service life and the accustomed KUKA Roboter quality. 
For KUKA Roboter, the design accolade is renewed confirmation of its creativity, innovative drive and technological leadership. It has always been the company’s motivation and goal to bring its customers added value in service, quality and performance with each and every product. And if this approach happens to be rewarded with a prize, so much the better.
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