Thirty-seven new apprentices join KUKA

In September, thirty-seven young people started their careers at the robotics and plant engineering company KUKA


To dispel some of the nervousness of the first day on the job, the company invited the new apprentices to a two-day session at the Bruder-Klaus-Heim rural training center in Violau. During the team events, the recruits from all parts of the company got to know one another. It was the first time apprentices of KUKA Robotics, KUKA Services and KUKA Systems all went to Violau together for the "Inplacement days".

Because training and continuing education have a high priority at KUKA, it is important that the young people get off to a good start. During the "Inplacement days", the recruits are able to gather their first impressions of the company and a number of KUKA management representatives.

Breakfast with executive management

Together with works council and human resources representatives, Manfred Gundel, General manager of KUKA Roboter GmbH and Dr. Karl- Heinz Körber, General manager of KUKA Systems, greeted and welcomed the rookies to the company.

In total, KUKA offers seven career paths. In addition to training as industrial accountants, computer specialists, industrial mechanics, mechatronics workers, tool and die makers and electronic technicians specializing in automation technology, apprentices have had the option of choosing a dual-system degree program for the past two years. It offers the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering Mechatronics degree after completing the mechatronics apprenticeship.

Technical careers no longer an exclusive male domain

Technical careers have not been purely a male domain for quite some time. Two each of the mechatronics workers and industrial mechanics and one of the participants in the dual system mechatronics program are women and will soon be studying and working at KUKA.

KUKA Aktiengesellschaft

KUKA Aktiengesellschaft is a global player with sales of about 1.3 billion euro and 6,000 employees worldwide. The KUKA brand stands for innovative technology in the field of automation for industrial manufacturing processes. KUKA is one of the world's leading suppliers of robot technology, as well as in plant and systems engineering. Over forty companies serve the automobile industry and forward-looking general industry markets such as solar, aerospace and medical technology.

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