And what are you doing after school? - Vocational training day at KUKA

Last Saturday, KUKA held an open house for the first time at the company's training center at Zusamstraße 24 in Augsburg to celebrate Vocational Training Day


Over 500 graduates, young people and parents visited the site to get a first-hand look at the many vocational training possibilities.

Apprentices and teachers talked to the many visitors about the exciting opportunities a sound apprenticeship at KUKA can bring, fielding questions about various career possibilities from 9 AM until 1 PM.

Eighteen-year-old Katharina was excited to be able to see for herself what the training center is all about. Her older sister, Franziska, has been enrolled in a mechatronics apprenticeship course at KUKA for two years and has related lots of stories about the company during that time. Many visitors came for the same reason: They want to know more. Said Andreas, fourteen years old: "After seeing the flyer at school, I thought I might as well have a look. After all, it's not easy to find the right job". Franz is fifteen years old and finds it super that he can get a taste of what it's all about. He has already had some practical experience under his belt and worked with another apprentice to make his first test specimen.

A number of KUKA products were also on display in the apprenticeship lab, including the company's lightweight robot (LWR), which enables people and machines to work together, and the KUKA youbot, which is primarily used at schools and universities for training and research in the field of industrial and service robotics.

"KUKA is a company that takes its social responsibility toward the younger generation seriously. Vocational Training Day is our way of generating excitement about our company and offering potential new recruits a wide variety of options," said Klaus-Stefan Remmler, HR manager at KUKA AG.

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