KUKA wins friction and magnetarc welding machine orders

Augsburg, July 17, 2012 – Augsburg-based systems integrator KUKA Systems GmbH received several new orders for specialty magnetarc and friction welding machines in the past two quarters, the total value of which is in the upper single digit millions range (EUR)


The customers included many carmakers and automotive industry parts suppliers from across the globe. They purchased both individual machines of various sizes and fully automated assembly lines. "Our advanced friction and Magnetarc welding machines feature efficient, tested joining processes that enable our customers to connect materials together very reliably. Customers using our welding technology in their processes have a decisive competitive advantage in the market," says Frank Klingemann, CEO of KUKA Systems GmbH.

Magnetarc and friction welding are part of KUKA System's overall portfolio of products and services. The company has been a leader in this sector internationally for years. These special welding machines can be used to manufacture products such as valve tappets, hydraulic components, complete vehicle axles and special components used to manufacture batteries.

KUKA Systems, a supplier of flexible systems for automated manufacturing, has the expertise and experience to develop and implement reliable, efficient total solutions that offer customers an attractive payback.

About Magnetarc Welding 

Magnetarc Welding was developed by KUKA Systems and is a pressure welding process that relies on a magnetically driven arc under shielding gas.

Profiles with walls between 0.7 and 10 mm thick can be joined using this process. Suitable materials are electrically conductive and fusible, such as carbon steel and low-alloy steels, free-cutting steels, cast steel and malleable cast iron. This process is also ideal for joining combinations of these materials.

About Friction Welding

Friction Welding is distinguished by its speed, reliability and low cost. More than anything else, this process can be used to join more materials and combinations of materials than any other welding process. Other technical advantages that make friction welding a favorite include: uncompromising weldability of high-tech materials, maximum joining quality and fast cycle times.
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