Handling: KUKA small robot loads and unloads CNC machining centers

DANNORITZER Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG benefits from use of the KUKA KR AGILUS small robot in the MRC flextray mobile robotic cell developed by wtb automation GmbH & Co. KG


KUKA small robot in MRC flextray with flexible drawer system

At Dannoritzer Medizintechnik, the Haas VF-2SSYT machining center is equipped with fixtures and tools before the flexible MRC flextray robotic cell with the KUKA KR AGILUS docks onto it. The pallets are then loaded with the blanks or semi-finished parts and fed into the robotic cell. The small robot with a special white paint finish opens the drawer containing the pallets, removes the parts and places them in the clamping fixture. Once they have been machined, the robot of the KR AGILUS series removes them again and sets them back down in the pallet.

“The parts are accessible for inspection and various parameters can be monitored to ensure process reliability without having to interrupt the automation,” explains Production Manager Julian Dannoritzer. The robotic cell can process up to four drawers, each with two component-specific pallets, and is thus also highly suitable for small and medium batch sizes. Individual expansions can be easily tailored to specific customer requirements.

KUKA KR AGILUS eliminates error sources, increases the runtimes of the milling center and improves the quality of the products

For Dannoritzer Medizintechnik, the investment was worthwhile. The robotic cell with the KR 6 R900 sixx and the milling center work reliably together. The parts count can be calculated over longer periods and it was possible to increase the runtimes of the milling center. “The use of new milling technologies has rendered downstream processes superfluous, not only streamlining the process, but also improving the quality of the products,” explains Julian Dannoritzer. It was possible to eliminate previous error sources resulting from manual clamping and to monitor processes better. “We are very satisfied with the solution and will include further products in the automation,” concludes the Production Manager.

The KUKA small robot from the KR AGILUS series in the MRC flextray robotic cell ensures maximum flexibility in the reliable loading and unloading of machining centers at Dannoritzer Medizintechnik.
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