KUKA Operating Systems

KUKA System Software (KSS) is the lynchpin of the entire control system for most KUKA industrial robots – including traditional 6 axis robots and SCARA robots. As an operating system, it contains all the key features required to run a robot system. These include, for example, data and user management, path planning and I/O management. Advanced functions for programming have also been integrated: Use the associated KUKA.WorkVisual engineering suite as a universal programming environment, for cell configuration or as a shop floor unit to cover every aspect of a program’s life cycle.

KUKA’s next generation cobots, such as LBR iisy*, run on the new iiQKA.OS system software. Other mechanics will be onboarded to iiQKA.OS during a scaling and growth phase.

*The LBR iisy is available in the iiQKA Pre-Launch Package for a small number of customers starting at the end of 2021 and scaling in availability during 2022. Please check our iiQKA Journey page for more information 

KUKA’s lightweight cobot, LBR iiwa, uses Sunrise.OS, which was specifically designed for lightweight robots such as the LBR iiwa and the KUKA Mobility product range, Sunrise.OS is a system software package for planning robot applications with these products.

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