Bonding and sealing

Bonding and sealing are two closely related joining processes. They are often used in the automotive industry. 

Bonding and sealing: the technology

Many products are made up of multiple parts or different materials. Adhesives create stable joints between the individual parts. The automotive industry uses bonding to install window glass, for example. 

Sealing prevents substances from passing from one space to another. This technology is also classified as a joining process and is used for sealing frame constructions amongst many other tasks. 

Automated bonding and sealing

Bonding and sealing according to your wishes: no matter whether you have individual process stations or a fully automated system – we will work with you to find the right process for your product. Choose components from a wide range of variations and combine them to meet your needs:

  • Fixtures for nozzle cleaning and curing
  • Components for applying primers
  • Equipment for positioners
  • Measuring systems
  • Software packages

Bonding and sealing: the advantages

The main advantages of fully automated bonding processes are:
  • Cost-effective manufacture, particularly in the field of mass production
  • Easy joining of different materials
  • No deformation of the component on account of the low-heat joining process
  • Useful adhesive properties against gases and liquids (for example, insulation, corrosion protection or sealing)

Sealing prevents dust, gasesliquids, heat and cold from entering cavities and spaces. This results in an increase in functionality and comfort, for example, in the interior of automobiles.

Give us a call, we would be delighted to advise you with regard to specific options for your company. 

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