Automated deburring of metallic workpieces 

The technology of deburring is used throughout the foundry market in order to precisely, quickly and efficiently remove sprues, runners and other process-relevant excess material after components are cast.

What does deburring mean?

So-called flash or projections can form at edges during the various casting processes. These edges, which can be sharp, may not only impair the functioning of the end product but also increase the risk of injury.

For this reason, when manufacturing metal parts, these projections must be removed during the finishing process. This technology is referred to as trimming or deburring.

Automated deburring with robots

After machining, robot systems for deburring ensure clean and efficient removal of burrs from metal workpieces. KUKA offers a broad portfolio for this purpose, ranging from robots to turnkey deburring cells for flexible and efficient deburring work.

Turnkey robot cell for deburring

Compact machining cell with many options for individual adaptation

Automated deburring with pillar trimming presses

With more than 3,000 trim presses delivered worldwide, KUKA (formerly Reis Robotics) has sound know-how for a product family consisting of more than 16 different models. Highlights include optimized mechanical features such as a larger clamping surface, easier access for maintenance purposes and significantly improved energy efficiency – thanks, among other things, to pump drives based on servomotors (variable-speed pump systems) for reduced cycle times and minimized energy consumption in your production.

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