Gravity die casting

With the proven automation packages for modern and cost-effective gravity die casting from the former company Reis Robotics, KUKA supplies the ideal basis for high casting quality.

Gravity die casting: the technology

Gravity die casting is a casting process in which the melt is poured from above into a permanent metal mold through a sprue. The mold is filled through the effect of gravity alone.

The high thermal conductivity of the mold provides for accelerated cooling of the solidifying melt. This in turn results in a dense and fine-grained structure with improved mechanical properties.

Automated gravity die casting

Holistic automation concepts for gravity die casting are a major focus with the extensive product range of robots, software tools, deburring systems, casting carousels, casting machines, systems for pre-machining and the required peripheral equipment.

The tilting gravity die casting machines with their innovative drive, operating and control concept provide you with the basis you need for high casting quality. The software function in the KRC ROBOTstar synchronizes the pouring motion of the robot with the tilting motion of the casting machine. These are the optimal prerequisites for a precise filling process.

Gravity die casting line

Gravity die casting: the advantages

  • Robust, low-torsion mechanical construction with a low-backlash drive concept characterizes the series of single and double tilt casting machines.
  • Positionally accurate due to the servo drive, the machines are suitable for linear casting cells as well as for gravity die casting in combination with casting carousels.
  • The app-based KUKA casting machine controller can be intuitively operated and offers maximum ease of use.
  • Additional positive effects of automating gravity die casting include increased productivity, improved casting quality and high profitability of your production system.
  • In contrast to sand casting, gravity die casting has low space requirements.
  • Full mechanization using robots is possible for gravity die casting.
  • The robots ensure a high pouring rate meeting the requirements of each casting.
Gravity die casting line
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