Corporate Compliance

KUKA as a global company bears a responsibility for employees, customers, investors and society. We consider corporate compliance to be an essential element of effective corporate management. Compliance with legal framework conditions including KUKA internal policies is therefore a matter of course for all our business processes.

Compliance Management System

To implement our effort for Compliance together with our employees and external partners, we use different processes and measures. All of them are grouped together in our Compliance Management System (CMS).

We hereby orientate ourselves on the German Corporate Governance Code, which provides internally and nationally accepted recommendations for listed companies. The current version as of April 2017, contains the following amendment:

[The Board of Management] shall also institute appropriate measures reflecting the company's risk situation (Compliance Management System) and disclose the main features of those measures.

Following this recommendation, we have written down our CMS. The documentation is available here. The environment of the company is constantly changing and, thus, the documentation of the CMS is considered a dynamic paper. When significant changes occur, we amend the CMS accordingly.

Corporate Compliance Program

KUKA AG has set ethical standards and developed a corporate compliance program. The program is laid out in a Compliance Manual. It also contains details regarding the fundamental values at KUKA and the structure of the compliance organization. Points of contact and selected Group guidelines can be found in this manual.

The manual is a guide for the members of the Executive Board, CEOs, executives, employees and authorized representatives of KUKA worldwide alike to ensure they conduct themselves properly. The current Compliance Manual was revised in 2016. In the process, changes in the structure of the compliance organization were taken into account and some regulations were updated.


KUKA AG holds events on corporate compliance topics throughout the world in order to keep the knowledge of employees as up-to-date as possible. Electronic training courses are held on a regular basis and are mandatory for all employees worldwide, most recently in fall 2016; new employees are continuously invited to the electronic trainings.

These are supplemented by face-to-face trainings, which are aimed at different target groups and are also implemented worldwide. You can also read about the latest developments relating to compliance topics at KUKA in our current Annual Report.


We encourage our employees as well as external persons to contact us with any questions or information they may have in relation to Compliance. You can find a list of KUKA's Compliance Officers on this page and address your enquiry via email. The Compliance Officers will reply at their earliest convenience and treat your information with utmost discretion.


本公司為提供人員(包含受雇者、派遣勞工、求職者、技術生及實習生)免於性騷擾之工作及服務環境,並採取適當之預防、糾正、懲戒及處理措施,以維護當事人權益及隱私,特依據「性別工作平等法」第十三條第一項, 及勞動部頒布「工作場所性騷擾防治措施申訴及懲戒辦法訂定準則」訂定本辦法。

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