KUKA at “New Work Experience 2018”

In March, around 1,600 participants came together at the largest German-language conference on the future of work, meeting at the Elbphilharmonie and other locations in the HafenCity district of Hamburg in order to exchange ideas about the transformation of work in the age of digitization.

Intelligent machines: Friend or foe to humans?


Under the motto “Intelligent machines: Friend or foe to humans?”, Dr. Rainer Bischoff spoke alongside the CEO of Teramark Technologies, Yvonne Hofstetter, during a panel discussion on the future work for man and machine.

One of the major questions of the discussion was “Which tasks can and will be performed by machines and how will the machines collaborate with humans?”. While many worry about massive job losses, Bischoff allays these fears for the future. “Robots create jobs and do not eliminate them. All of the statistics show this. And I also think that we need robotics in order to keep production in Europe. If we don’t achieve that, then our prosperity will decline here.” In his estimation, the only matter of real importance is to take advantage of the time and opportunity we have to prepare for this change.


Panel discussion

He also notes we must not forget that though there are, for example, intelligent programs that can play chess, there is not yet a robot on earth that can pull a chess board out of a cupboard and set it up – a process that we take to be an everyday act. In other words, robots are still far away from replacing humans in their work activities.

You can view the full panel discussion here. For further information about the “New Work Experience” event, click here.

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