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KUKA Systems China at AMTS 2017:Showcasing KUKA's I4.0 in Auto Industry

KUKA Systems China will present its I4.0 solution in auto industry in this year’s AMTS exhibition from Sept. 5-8. The showing portfolio comprises 3 parts of the solution, from individual components to fully automated systems, such as KUKA.RoboSpin, KUKA Visual Commissioning and KUKA Mobile Data Management and etc. And there will also be 7 technical speeches during the exhibition.

October 12, 2017

The KUKA RoboSpin application software is a KUKA-Patented process. With this application soft-ware, a rotational motion is executed about the TCP (tool center point) during the welding process. Adherence of the tips to the metal is prevented, thus ensuring improved weld quality and a longer tip life. The typical adhesion effect on the tip when spot welding aluminum is eliminated, which not only reduces non-productive times for tip dressing but also minimizes tip wear.

KUKA Visual Commissioning (VC) is the process to load, test and modify design information at a realistic virtual machine (behavior model), before transferring it to the real machine (robot and PLC). VC is to assess the process planning, product data, manufacturing simulation and production line layout of the entire production line and the production process in the virtual environment, while in the meantime use the logistics modules for logistics analysis optimization. The advantage lies in the combination of simulation and control technology, compress and advance the produc-tion process in the virtual environment to be assessed and tested. Verify and optimize the me-chanical design before the equipment materialization, therefore reduce the risk of design errors. KUKA Can customize acceptance for special needs, develop functional equipment according to customer needs, and also make the running results display more vividly. KUKA Visual Commission-ing also has shorter project delivery cycle therefore decrease the cost.

 KUKA Team at AMTS 2017

KUKA SmartProduction_Management is the highlight of the show. KUKA SmartProduction_Management collects and comprehensively visualizes all significant areas of your production, thereby increasing overall transparency, allocates resource efficiently, optimiz-es processes and decreases cycle time by up to 10-20%. The audience can use the surface scan the QR code and watch the key station of the car body manufacturing, enjoy the wonderful digital world.

The auto industry is facing transformations. The new technology, new materials, new business models bring many opportunities as well as threats for the auto industry. KUKA has more than 60 years‘experience in serving premium automotive customers and project management. In the fu-ture, KUKA will continue to provide our customers comprehensive automation solutions to help them adapt to new challenges and create more competitive advantage.

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