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KUKA Xpert

A digital knowledge database for comprehensive technical information and documentation about all KUKA products. KUKA Xpert can be accessed from any device, at any time, and is built to meet the requirements of service technicians, planners, programmers, commissioners and operators.

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With the free version KUKA Xpert Basic you can gain a first impression about high functionality of database. The version contains basic product and spare parts information as well as all technical documentation.

KUKA Xpert is aimed at planners, service technicians and programmers: Find the KUKA Xpert product that’s right for you

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Save time and find information on more than 7,500 KUKA products, 2,000 service cases and 13,000 documents intuitively and quickly

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KUKA Xpert: all our expert knowledge accessible anywhere, anytime

  • Access to comprehensive, up-to-date product information and service know-how from KUKA’s global team of experts and integrated data sets. From technical data to repair documents, and assembly steps to instructional videos, KUKA Xpert information can be customized according to your needs and accessed anywhere you have an internet connection, at any time, from any device.
  • Solve your problems independently and quickly using our digital knowledge database. KUKA Xpert provides you with all the important information and documentation pertaining to KUKA products, such as information about known service cases. Our digital knowledge database bundles up-to-date know-how from a wide variety of different sources, such as problem and solution descriptions from service technicians and information from fault and case databases. This data, collected and analyzed from all over the world, enables you to solve issues and answer questions independently and quickly. 
  • Search effectively for the desired information. Using an intuitive semantic search, you can quickly and easily acquire an overview of all relevant information. With KUKA Xpert, you can troubleshoot your service case to find solutions efficiently and effectively.

System requirements for KUKA Xpert

  • no installation necessary
  • at least executable in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 48, Firefox 53, Safari 10