The LBR Med is the first robotic component worldwide to be certified for integration into medical products. Capable of human-robot collaboration (HRC), the robot technology is tailored to the specific requirements of the medical sector.

One-of-a-kind robotic component for integration into a medical product

From diagnostics to treatment and surgical interventions – the LBR Med stands out as a perfect assistant for diverse tasks in the field of healthcare. The sensitive seven-axis lightweight robot is flexible and easy to integrate into medical products for various medical activities. With its responsive sensors, comprehensive safety precautions, hygiene-optimized surfaces and a controller designed for direct collaboration with the human operator, it is ideally suited to applications in medical technology. Moreover, the LBR Med makes it much easier and quicker for manufacturers of medical devices to develop products based on a robotic component and also to get them licensed, because the LBR Med is certified in accordance with the internationally recognized CB Scheme.

The versatile robot for assistance tasks in the healthcare sector

The LBR Med enables human-robot collaboration in medical applications 

Flexible media flange 


On account of its versatile inside electrical Med media flange, the LBR Med can be simply and flexibly integrated into various medical products. For customized medical instruments, a range of connections are available on the flange, e.g. for power supply, I/Os or EtherNet.


Simple integration thanks to flexible media flange.

For assistance tasks in the healthcare sector: safe, precise and consistent


The LBR Med requires no additional devices for calibration or high-precision work. Integrated mastering sensors allow completely autonomous calibration and outstanding repeatability from ±0.1 mm to ±0.15 mm.


Designed as a universally deployable component, the LBR Med can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of solutions. With a variety of preconfigured interfaces, it convinces as a versatile robot system for various applications in medical technology.


The LBR Med has an extensive safety structure. Relevant signals are evaluated on a safety-oriented basis by both hardware and software. The safety equipment includes force/torque sensor systems, single fault safety, safety interfaces and configurable safety events.


Based on the sensitive KUKA LBR iiwa robot that has proven itself in Industrie 4.0 environments, the LBR Med is likewise equipped with redundant integrated torque sensors. These endow it with strong haptic capabilities, the ability to perceive external influences, and safe collision detection, making the LBR Med HRC-compliant.

IERA Award winner 2018

LBR Med data at a glance

LBR Med 7 R800 LBR Med 14 R820
Max. total payload
7 kg
14 kg
Number of axes
Wrist variant
In-line wrist
In-line wrist
Mounting flange A7
DIN ISO 9409-1-A50
DIN ISO 9409-1-A50
Installation position(s)
Pose repeatability (ISO 9283)
±0.1 mm
±0.15 mm
Axis-specific speed accuracy
(at max. speed)
Max. reach
800 mm
820 mm
25.5 kg
32.3 kg
Protection rating
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