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Efficient and tailored to the specific user: The software extension allows users to integrate customized application commands on the teach pendant using the graphical user interface. Even with limited experience, it is possible to create user-specific inline forms and status keys in the new editor. This simplifies the way you use your robot technology to the greatest possible extent.

An interface that facilitates interaction between humans and robots

The user interface (UI) allows users to create their own customized technology user interface – with inline forms, status keys, messages and buttons. Using the intuitive editor, functions can be created within KUKA.WorkVisual in just a few steps – even entire operating sequences in the form of scripts – and all this without even being a programming expert. For example, the status keys can be configured in such a way that the user can open and close a gripper with a single button on the user interface.

Simply drag and drop to the desired robot application

Optimized user experience thanks to simple operation: Well-designed operating concepts not only simplify how all the components of the robot system are controlled, but also make them more flexible in terms of configuration.

Very easy to use, quick to deploy

Simply create your configuration file on the computer using the drag-and-drop function and transfer the settings to the robot controller – your functions will be available immediately on the ergonomic smartPAD teach pendant.

You can use the KUKA.OptionPackageEditor to package the UserTech commands created into separate option packages and integrate them into the system of various robots as standard. This makes it easy to avoid copying errors. The user interface can also be deployed in KUKA.Sim, meaning that the new application can be simulated in advance without any difficulty.

Pre-programmed applications on the smartPad can be controlled easily using the status keys.

Configurable user interface functions

KUKA.UserTech allows you to create and use your own:

  • Inline forms

  • Messages and buttons

  • Status keys

  • Scripts for inline forms and status keys

The UserTech functions are available on the smartPad in KUKA.HMI, KUKA’s graphical user interface (GUI). Likewise, your extensions can be integrated into the simulation software KUKA.Sim and into KUKA.WorkVisual, the software package for offline programming.

Dynamic inline forms can be used directly on the smartPad user interface. 

Technical requirements

The UserTech user interface can be installed on all new KUKA robot controllers from the KR C5 upwards. The KSS operating system software version 8.7 or higher must be used. That said, we can also provide the appropriate version of UserTech for your existing system – get in touch with us.

An interface that offers more possibilities and requires less effort

With this user interface, we can take your KUKA robots or production systems to a new level of operator control. This is where intuitive operation for users meets professional support from our 24/7 worldwide KUKA service team

  • User-friendly

    Configure your customized technology user interface in the editor – and improve flexibility and manageability on the smartPad.

  • Easy to get started

    • Inline forms and status keys are easy to set up.
    • The editor in KUKA.WorkVisual, with its drag-and-drop functionality, makes configuration straightforward.
  • Time savings

    • The editor allows you to easily and quickly create a customized user interface, saving you a great deal of time.
    • The quicker approach to setting up and programming the controller shortens
      the start-up time.
  • Universal application

    The user interface can be used universally for any application and can be combined with all technology packages.

Benefit from an improved user experience

Easy to use

Commands for robot applications and status keys can be easily configured in the user interface editor using the drag-and-drop function. The configuration file with the settings can be transferred to any number of robot controllers, and the command masks and status keys are available on the smartPAD.

Application security

As the configurations are generated by an editor, it becomes safer to use inline forms and status keys. When configuring commands, invalid syntax is displayed immediately. This way, the user receives feedback immediately via the user interface and not only when testing the robot controller.

Customized user interface

In addition to the standard forms, the user can create their own inline forms in the editor. These are transferred to the robot controller and then applied on the smartPAD – commands can be used easily, entries can be parameterized.

Planning & maintenance

Make use of UserTech as early as the planning stage with KUKA.Sim, and KUKA.WorkVisual during configuration and programming of your system. This will make your engineering process fast, uncomplicated and consistent.

KUKA.HMI – the perfect addition

KUKA.UserTech is the perfect addition to the HMI user interface KUKA.HMI and offers maximum efficiency when it comes to human-machine interaction. Therefore, a customized human-machine interface design goes hand in hand with a versatile graphical user interface.

Further information on HMI software

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