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KUKA arc welding robots 

Maximum productivity with lowest operating costs: KUKA welding robots ensure maximum efficiency and perfectly processed weld seams, even in continuous operation.

Maximum cost-effectiveness and flexibility: arc welding robots for all requirements

Benefit from special-purpose robots for arc welding with payload capacities from 6 to 22 kg, reaches of up to 3,100 mm in two different designs as in-line wrist robots or hollow-wrist robots. Innovative welding software, such as KUKA.ArcTech, and numerous positioners and linear units round out the broad KUKA range – for ideal complete solutions in welding automation and the best possible performance of your system.

Find the welding specialist that is perfectly suited to your task:

Our robots are optimized for continuous operation with low operating and maintenance costs – ideal for tough welding conditions.

More than just welding robots

In addition to dedicated arc welding applications, KUKA offers an extensive range of other robot models for a wide range of additional process tasks, e.g. loading/unloading with payload capacities of up to 1300 kg. 

KUKA supports you before, during and after your production operations with a unique range of consulting and support services.

Perfected quality: robots for arc welding

Easy programming and operation with the KUKA.ArcTech welding software

With the innovative KUKA.ArcTech software package, arc welding tasks are easy to operate using intuitive commands and structured menus on the KUKA smartPAD and quick to program with EasyTeach status keys.

Rapid integration

Drag & drop configuration with preconfigured profiles from a wide range of different welding source manufacturers (Binzel, ESAB, EWM, Fronius, Kemppi, Lincoln, Lorch, Megmeet, Migatronic, Miller or SKS) ensures high compatibility and minimizes risks and start-up times during commissioning.

Top weld quality

Thanks to outstanding path accuracy and repeatability as well as stable robot arms, KUKA robots ensure optimal weld quality even in demanding continuous operation.

Low operating costs and maximum availability

Service-proven KUKA robot technology ensures high system availability in 3-shift operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Teaching KUKA arc welding robots by hand

With the wireless control package KUKA ready2_pilot, manual robot guidance can be performed in next to no time. The hand guiding function for KUKA robots of all payload capacities is possible with no programming knowledge. Individual points of the robot motion or entire paths can be guided by hand and saved at the press of a button.

In conjunction with KUKA.ArcTech, welding technology commands can also be programmed directly at the welding torch using the keys of the 6D mouse.

The Robot Navigator increases productivity by saving time and helps to avoid errors through intuitive manual guidance.

Are you interested in our arc welding robots?

We would be happy to advise you and work with you to find the optimal components for your specific welding requirements. Used and overhauled welding robots are also available from stock.

Efficient arc welding thanks to the right software

KUKA.ArcTech: integrated simplicity, performance and quality

With the software products of the KUKA.ArcTech family, you can operate and program your welding application conveniently and intuitively while safeguarding quality.

Use the KUKA.ArcTech weld parameter management for the quick and easy definition of welding tasks. Every weld data set can be assigned process limits for quality assurance.

MIG/MAG welding of automotive components 

Welding software and sensor systems for maximum productivity and flexibility of your welding application 

  • KUKA.ArcSense

    Seam tracking with through-the-arc sensor (TAST): Available as an option for KUKA.ArcTech, KUKA.ArcSense analyzes the actual weld parameters and automatically compensates for tolerances such as heat distortion or workpiece inaccuracy. The through-the-arc sensor system ensures that the joint is made in the intended position. Combinable with all KUKA welding robots, KUKA.ArcSense is a software solution that ensures maximum quality and repeatability during the welding process.
  • KUKA.ArcTech AdaptiveWelding

    Automatic adaptation of the programmed weld parameters: Thanks to a configurable interface, weld parameters are adapted to workpiece tolerances and production-related irregularities between workpieces, e.g. the width of the weld joint. It is irrelevant here whether the deviations occur before or during welding. The continuous adaptation of the parameters ensures consistent and reliable weld seam quality and boosts the productivity of the application.

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  • KUKA.ArcTech MultiLayer

    Easy programming of multi-layer weld seams: With KUKA.ArcTech MultiLayer, you can quickly create a robot program for a multi-layer weld seam by simply programming the point coordinates of the root layer. Adaptation of the point coordinates of the multi-layer weld program is merely carried out in the root layer and the changes are automatically applied to the subsequent layers. Specifically for each filler and cover layer, the parameters for the offset values and the intended weld parameters can be stored in a database.

  •  KUKA.SeamTech Finding

    Workpiece and seam detection with intelligent line laser sensor: With a single measurement, the laser sensor captures multiple component geometry data which KUKA.SeamTech Finding uses to calculate a correction of the component, seam or individual path points quickly and precisely. Any deviations that occur can be compensated in up to 6 dimensions.

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  • KUKA.SeamTech Tracking

    Edge and seam tracking during welding: With an intelligent line laser sensor and a particularly high-performance EtherNet real-time interface, KUKA.SeamTech Tracking can perform an exact correction of the programmed welding path. Even at high weld velocities, the robot can independently adapt the seam position and length according to the specific component.

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  • KUKA.TouchSense

    Component and seam detection using the welding torch or an external sensor: KUKA.TouchSense compensates for deviations in the shape or position of workpieces by means of comparative measurements prior to welding. Any deviations that occur can be compensated in up to 6 dimensions. Combining this with the fast measurement inputs enables a higher search velocity and more precise measurement results. The component position can be determined by tactile or non-contact methods.

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  • KUKA.Tracc TCP 

    Automatic tool center point (TCP) check:  KUKA.Tracc TCP determines actual values of the TCP and ensures that the weld is carried out at the intended position. This automatically keeps the productivity of the welding cell at the highest level and thus prevents time-consuming manual reprogramming, e.g. after a collision or exchange of the torch neck due to wear. The special feature: during high-accuracy calibration of the TCP, KUKA.Tracc TCP determines the absolute value and therefore takes into account production-related tolerances of the welding torch.

  • KUKA.Sim

    Offline programming of welding systems and welding robots: KUKA.Sim supports the simulation and creation of simple robot sequences. The extensive component library and Plug&Play functionality enable concept studies and reachability analyses without cycle time specifications. The real-time connection to KUKA.OfficeLite enables the analysis of cycle times, the creation of robot programs and the definition of kinematic systems. The simulations can be saved and played as a video or 3D PDF file at any time.


Example cases

Find out more about the versatile application potential of KUKA arc welding robots.

E-book: Welding aluminium? No problem!

Aluminium and aluminium alloys play an important role in e-mobility because of the ideal combination of lightness and strength. In welding and joining processes, aluminium has high demands on the processes used. With comprehensive process know-how and the right products, we make you fit for the technological transformation towards e-mobility. The example of the battery box shows how robots enable the production of aluminium components at the highest quality level;

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