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KS Pull-off Cart: All-rounder for parts feed

The KS Pull-off Cart is a basic item that can be used in a wide variety of applications in your production processes. It can carry several hundred kilos, making it optimally suited for the manual onloading and offloading of large components. In addition, the cart can also be used as a drawer.

With the KS Pull-off Cart, you transport wide and bulky components such as side panels or underbodies conveniently through your production halls. If necessary, the cart can also be used as a storage option. It can carry up to 400 kg. 

In addition to its various application possibilities, the KS Pull-off Cart is also flexible in another regard: Its modular structure means it can be adapted to the individual conditions of each production plant.

The dimensions of the KS Pull-off Cart:

  • Length: 1,000 to 4,500 mm
  • Width: 600 to 1,500 mm
  • Height: 900 to 1,800 mm

In the design of the KS Pull-off Cart, we placed great emphasis on protective measures – both for the cart and for your workforce. The stop and interlock functions using pneumatic cylinders or pedal operation. The safety precautions also include a gate that can be used as an option. In addition, there are rounded corners to allow doors within the plant to be pushed open more easily. 

Some of our customers from the automotive industry such as Porsche and Volvo are already benefiting from the advantages in their body shops. 

Advantages of the KS Pull-off Cart

  • Lightweight: The KS Pull-off Cart consists of aluminum sections that are firmly bolted together
  • Accurate: Reliable fixing by pedal operation or a pneumatic stopper cylinder