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Thompson friction welding machines

KUKA offers a range of compact and modular Thompson friction welding machines with forge capacities up to 400 t for the flexible implementation of friction welding processes of a wide range of material combinations and components.

Friction welding machines of Thompson set standards in terms of precision, dynamics, process control, and productivity. 

Single and double ended machine designs based on platforms from 15 through 400T. The range offers standard and configured options with a wide range of additional features including machine external and internal flash systems or upset removal. Other additional configurable options include component measurement systems, marking systems, extraction systems, and flash or upset management systems.

Users of Thompson machines benefit from repeatability, traceability, accuracy, and flexibility

Standard and special friction welding machines of Thompson for all common friction welding applications

As a customer-focused brand, Thompson offers machines to friction weld even the most difficult components and material combinations. Special designs and sizes, such as double-spindle or vertical orientation machines are available on request.

Thompson friction welding machines can be configured as single or double ended designs and, feature both ID and OD in-cycle flash or upset removal systems, quick-change tooling, measurement and marking systems and, the intuitive Thompson dedicated welder control software.

Value-added features for Thompson direct drive friction welding machine includes:

Wide range of rotary machines

Machines designed for friction welding a vast array of parts from small diameter components such as engine valves and electrical connectors to large API drill pipes and rods.

Sub-contract friction welding

Welding of a wide range of parts in a variety of dissimilarmaterials, process development advice, pre and post weld treatment, comprehensive process and welding reports.