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KS Trunnion: the real deal for changing tools

The KS Trunnion (Rotary Drum) is the real deal for changing tooling in body-in-white production. The drum system from KUKA is a modular design configured individually to the customer’s expectations. 

A larger range of variants and shorter product cycles are requirements that a body shop too has to address. Different models require different tools. The KS Trunnion constitutes an important component that promotes greater type flexibility through its rotary mechanism. 

How the KS Trunnion works

In vehicle production the drum ensures a smooth changeover between tools. Various robots positioned around the drum can load components, process them and unload them again.

Alternatively the operator can load the components. The robots that are positioned on the opposite side of the drum perform the next production operation.

The KS Trunnion is available in different variants.: there are seven lengths, nine heights, three drum bodies, two drives and two media variants to choose from. Thus you can assemble the drum system you require based on the modular principle.

Advantages of the KS Trunnion

  • Modular: assemble the system that is optimum for your needs from the individual components.
  • Low on maintenance: proven components reduce the risk of failures.
  • Versatile: the modular principle offers you maximum flexibility.