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KUKA Sunrise OS Med Operating System Medical technology

KUKA Sunrise.OS Med

Take control of medical robotics with KUKA: the KUKA Sunrise.OS Med operating system for the LBR Med is specially designed for easy programming of medical applications. This opens up numerous possibilities.

Program medical applications quickly and successfully on the basis of KUKA Sunrise.OS Med

KUKA Sunrise.OS Med is the operating system for the LBR Med and, together with the included KUKA Sunrise.Workbench Med and KUKA Sunrise.WoV Med, offers all the functions required for the programming and configuration of demanding medical robot applications. Object-oriented programming with Java additionally enables fast application development. And all this is tailored to the needs of medical device manufacturers and certified.

Specially tailored to medical robotics thanks to certifications

Based on Java 8 and Windows 10, KUKA Sunrise.OS Med 2.6 offers easy access to high-end robotics. At the same time, the system software meets the requirements of IEC 62304:2006 (first edition) + A1:2015. The KUKA Sunrise.HRC Med safety option that is included enables the functions required for the implementation of collaborative human-robot applications in accordance with Performance Level d Category 3 EN ISO 13849-1:2015.

--> Download CB Test Certificate 

KUKA Sunrise.OS Med has been specially developed for easy programming of the LBR Med

Safe collaboration between robots and medical personnel

Special safety options enable monitoring of the velocity, the forces acting on the robot arm and the positions of the robot arm in the workspace as well as the measured torques themselves. Precise safety parameters can also be stored by the medical device manufacturer in order to automatically stop the robot in emergency situations, activate the brakes or trigger a custom-defined reaction. In the case of operations involving human-robot collaboration, the safety of medical personnel and patients can thus be assured.

KUKA Sunrise.OS Med: convincing arguments for medical device manufacturers

  • Certified

    • Developed in compliance with the standard IEC 62304:2006 (first edition) + A1:2015
    • Special software and hardware geared towards the requirements for integration into a medical product
  • Comprehensive

    • Offers all the functions for configuring and programming medical robot applications
    • Wide range of optional packages for every application
    • Diverse range of interfaces for connecting the robot controller to user-specific algorithms on customer systems
  • User-friendly

    • Object-oriented Java programming interface for all robot functions 
    • Innovative functions for programming, planning and configuring applications for the LBR Med