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KUKA robots in medical technology

KUKA robots for medical technology: optimum solutions for robot-based medical products

From diagnosis and surgery to therapy, KUKA robots meet the stringent requirements of the medical sector and are well-suited to a wide range of medical technology applications.

Depending on the area of application, either the sensitive and collaborative lightweight robot, LBR Med, or robots with payload capacities of 50 to 500 kilograms are used. For this, KUKA offers a wide range of medical high-tech products ranging from robot-based assistance systems for surgery through to assistive components for diagnosis or rehabilitation.

KUKA robots in a wide range of medical applications

Robot systems from KUKA open up new avenues for the medical technology of tomorrow.

We are the sole robot manufacturer that meets the standards of medical product manufacturers with the LBR Med and the only one with a specialist team for medical robotics.

Axel Weber, Vice President of KUKA Medical Robotics

E-book about KUKA robotics and the medical technology of the future

Robots will play a decisive role in the healthcare systems of tomorrow. Find out more about this in our free e-book.

Read our e-book to find out how both patients and doctors can benefit from collaborative and sensitive medical robotics.

Download free e-book (PDF)
Get an insight into KUKA’s wide range of robot-based medical applications in our Case Study Overview.

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