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KUKA robot energy supply systems

The best connections for successful robotics.

KUKA energy supply systems contain over 30 years of robotics experience. Typical characteristics of the KUKA energy supply systems are extremely high reliability, quality and durability. They ensure the highest levels of productivity, wherever they are in use in industry.

One energy supply system per model: KUKA makes diversity simple.

The diversity of KUKA robots is huge. The advantages of KUKA energy supply systems too. That’s because KUKA energy supply systems are designed in such a way that all the models of one robot family can be equipped with the same dress package. This gives you greater planning security and saves customization costs.

  • Small robots for two to 12 kilograms
  • Low payloads for five to 16 kilograms
  • Medium payloads for 30 to 60 kilograms
  • High payloads for 90 to 300 kilograms
  • Heavy payloads
    • for 300 to 500 kilograms
    • for 1,000 to 1,300 kilograms
  • Palletizing robots for 40 to 1,300 kilograms
  • Special models
Available for all robot types: KUKA energy supply systems

Performance features of KUKA energy supply systems

  • Long service life: due to tried-and-tested standards and a robust design. In-house testing and release procedures ensure the highest quality.
  • Service-friendly: the package can be exchanged in just 10 minutes. Cables and hoses can be exchanged, reducing the follow-up costs.
  • Adaptable: a defined interference contour enables offline programming for optimal integration into a system concept. Applications can be integrated via an interface on the arm.
  • Space-saving: KUKA energy supply systems are integrated into the robot structure, replacing earlier solutions featuring detached systems guided from above.
  • Reduced interference contours: KUKA energy supply systems are partially routed through the robot structure and are continuously guided from the base frame to the arm or the wrist.
  • Better accessibility: from the rotating column onwards, KUKA energy supply systems are easily accessible from the outside.
  • Full freedom of motion: KUKA energy supply systems are perfectly adapted to specific robot tasks and loads.
  • High flexibility: the above-average length compensation of the dress package, amounting to over 0.8 meters, permits highly complex robot motions.
  • Suitable for industry: universally applicable due to its all-metal housing and a requirement-specific selection of high-quality fiber-reinforced or low-friction plastics. The K box is simple and quick to open.