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Digital Future

Digitization has been a part of our everyday life for quite some time. Telephones were replaced by smartphones, street maps by navigation systems and you can check in digitally at airports. But in terms of the working world, many users are still rather guarded. But this is precisely where digitization offers enormous potential.

Automation and digitalization are changing our lives and thus also the way we work and how the economy is organized in industrialized countries. Human work is acquiring a new status and job profiles are changing.

With its comprehensive product and solution portfolio, KUKA is driving automation and technical progress. We are aware of the social responsibility that this role implies. Together with science, politics, partners and customers, we are helping to shape this change.

Work 4.0 will be more connected, digital and flexible. This is attributable to new technologies, new possibilities for machine-to-machine communication and also the emergence of new value chains in a wide range of industries. Labor markets are becoming more volatile and changes in the cooperation between humans and machines make new skills necessary for employees.

Today, robots perform many tasks, but they cannot carry out an entire qualified occupation. They complement humans, taking on jobs that are usually simple, repetitive, physically demanding or even pose a health hazard: tasks that humans would prefer not to perform themselves, or which they are physically not even able to carry out. Robots are incapable of creativity, intuition and the ability to execute several tasks consecutively or to multi-task. Humans and robots thus complement each other.

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