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Quality Policy

Our company places great emphasis on quality, meeting customer expectations, increasing energy efficiency, and sustainable resource management, as well as preserving the health of our employees and enhancing their satisfaction. In order to fulfill these objectives, our company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 certified. We have implemented, operate and continuously improve an integrated management system that complies with the requirements of these international standards.

Measuring equipments

FARO Fusion type manually operated measuring arm
Measuring range: within 3000 mm diameter
Measurement accuracy: 0,07 mm

Scantech TrackScan - P 42 laser beam 3D scanner
Measuring range:
In close resolution: 1450 x 1450 x1450 mm
In medium resolution: 2180 x 2180 2180 mm
In remote resolution: 2210 x 2110 x 2210 mm
Measuring accuracy: 0,02 mm

FARO Fusion 3D portable coordinate measuring machine
Measuring range: within 3000 mm diameter
Measuring accuracy: 0,07 mm

In addition to these, we also have manual measuring devices used in metal production.

Non-destructive material tests

Visual test (VT1–VT2):
One of the most common test methods, during which visual observation of the tested piece is carried out.
During visual test (VT), we distinguish between two methods:
- During a direct inspection, we perform the examination with naked eye or magnifying glass, using seam checking device and register the revealed surface deviations.
- During an indirect visual inspection, we perform the inspection using an optical device (e.g. endoscope).

Liquid penetration test (PT1-PT2):
This procedure is used to detect open discontinuities on the surface of the materials to be tested - cracks, overlaps, lack of fusion and porosity.