Laser metal deposition

Laser metal deposition with the aid of powder-based or wire-shaped filler materials can be used for repair work, the application of wear and corrosion protection, and the production of 3D components (additive manufacturing).



Wire-based laser metal deposition is a material-efficient 3D printing process used for producing metallic components

Additive manufacturing with wire feeding offers significant advantages in the production of geometrically complex and large components.


  • 交換せずに修理:複雑で高価な部品の場合は、小さな損傷や通常の消耗でも莫大な費用がかかることがあり、そのような部品を一式交換しなければならないことがよくあります。そのため、修理に価値があります。その場合には、レーザー堆積溶接が理想的な方法です。
  • 機能化された表面:大きな材料パレットが、レーザー堆積溶接の際に、摩耗保護や防錆のためなどの各機能に合わせて表面を最適に調整できるようにします。
  • 部品あるいは機能エレメントの付加製造は、工業生産の分野でますます使用されるようになっています。タービンエレメントなどの大型部品の領域では、レーザー粉体堆積溶接を利用した機能エレメントの取付けが、製造における大幅な節約につながっています。
  • 溶接ゾーンへの熱の作用が少ない:遅延は狭い許容範囲内にとどまり、堆積する材料の組織構造は多くのアプリケーションに関して、元の部品に対する要件を満たすか、それを上回ります。




Laser metal deposition: hybrid additive manufacturing

Discover the hybrid additive manufacturing solution from KUKA. The goal of the ProLMD project is the industrial implementation of hybrid manufacturing processes using laser technology. A Quantec KR 90 HA robot builds up new structures layer by layer on a conventionally manufactured base component. Thanks to the use of a fiber-guided system, the robot remains virtually unrestricted in its workspace. This makes it possible to respond flexibly to component geometry and size – even in the case of small batch sizes. The development of a locally integrated shielding gas system, which is only deployed when required, offers further advantages. This system is supplemented with new laser processing heads, which make use of both wire and powder as filler materials, as well as with a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system suitable for hybrid production. Several filler materials are being researched within the framework of ProLMD with a view to developing highly efficient laser material deposition processes.

Laser metal deposition: hybrid additive manufacturing
ProLMD joint research project: Find out more about this in the KUKA blog article.
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