Production cell automation options

We can provide you with beneficial automation options such as operator control and visualization software and automatic TCP checking for our standardized robot cells, the KUKA flexibleCUBE and KUKA flexibleCELL. These options make it easier to work with the robot cells.

Operator control and visualization software

Operation of the KUKA flexibleCELL and KUKA flexibleCUBE welding cells is simplified by means of the operator control and visualization software fully integrated into the robot controller. A setup wizard guides the operator through the installation procedure for the workpieces and fixture. The production overview shows statistical data relating to the production process, the current job, consumption figures and much more besides. Service and maintenance displays, operating and maintenance instructions available online and the remote maintenance assistant increase the availability of the system.

Automatic torch cleaning

The automated welding torch cleaner of the KUKA flexibleCUBE arc and KUKA flexibleCELL arc removes weld spatter in freely programmable cycles with a rotating cutter.

Automatic TCP check

The TCP check involves automatic, electronic tool calibration in up to six dimensions. The robot path is automatically corrected so that the tool is always in the correct position.

Software options

Various software options for component calibration, offline programming, process data monitoring and much more can be integrated individually depending on production requirements.
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