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Mobile robots boost productivity

Mobile robots are becoming increasingly important in production. They are flexible to deploy, move autonomously through work environments and can work hand in hand with human operators. The KMR iiwa is KUKA’s answer to these new challenges. The mobile assistant plays to its strengths particularly in the electronics industry, the consumer goods sector and the automotive industry.

24 April, 2018

KMR iiwa mobile robot is HRC-capable

The KMR iiwa is an autonomous robot platform with an HRC-capable KUKA LBR iiwa installed on it. Laser scanners in the mobile platform and joint torque sensors in every axis of the robot ensure safe collaboration between humans and robots. A further advantage for the user: the autonomous robot platform can be operated using just one control system.

Autonomous robot platform supports employees 

The KMR iiwa moves completely independently. No structural changes within the production hall are required. As a result, the mobile robot is suitable for practically any fetching or carrying task previously performed mainly by human operators. In addition, it can be used for tending machines, changing tooling on machine tools, automating laboratories, process linking in the semiconductor industry or for intralogistics tasks such as the delivery of parts to an assembly line.
The robot platform maneuvers autonomously through the work area.

KMR iiwa brings Industrie 4.0 into the factory

The autonomous robot makes factories smarter. Thanks to its free, autonomous navigation, it supports intelligently networked automation solutions. For example, it can react flexibly to changes in the environment or task. Beyond this, its network integration allows it to integrate seamlessly into logistics and production processes. KUKA is now introducing the KMR iiwa mobile robot to series production. Industrie 4.0 is thus becoming more and more of a reality.