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KUKA Nordic's new country sales manager in the Baltics has high goals -" Great potential in the Baltics"

KUKA Nordic has appointed a country sales manager for the Baltic countries. It is about Dalius Grakavinas, a telecommunications engineer and marketer with long experience from the electronics industry. - My goal is for us to be the first choice for Baltic companies, he says.

20 October 2021

Industry 4.0 and digitalization are topics that have long been part of Dalius Grakavina's everyday life, as the former Baltic sales manager for one of the leading European companies in semiconductor technology. Now he will use his network of contacts to market KUKA's robots, a job that he believes has great potential. – The degree of robotization here in the Baltics is very low, only 20 robots per 100,000 industrial workers. It is far below the rest of Europe, the average is five times higher, he says. Dalius Grakavinas lives in Lithuania, a country that is ranked as one of the world's most attractive countries for manufacturing companies.
DaliusGrakavinas, 39years., Lives: In Vilnius with his wife and two daugthers. Interests:  Traveling and driving classic scooters. 
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have long been high on the list of countries that are considered easy to do business with. Regarding mobile communications and boarding applications, they are among the best in the world.Another fact that speaks in favor of increased robotization in the area is a lack of work force that prevails in the Baltics, a relationship which, according to Dalius Grakavinas, was enhanced by the pandemic when many guest workers traveled back to their home countries. About his new position, he began his work for KUKA Nordic on September 20th. – My most important focus now is to get to know system partners and integrators, find out what types of applications they work with and prepare plans for how we can develop the collaboration in the future.

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