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Automation in the metal industry

The metal industry is one of the most versatile industries and therefore predestined for robot-based automation solutions. It requires perfection down to the smallest detail and top performance in difficult, sometimes extreme working conditions. With solutions from KUKA, you master these requirements with sustainable success and measurable efficiency.

KUKA and the metal industry: a successful partnership

Whether general industry, automotive supplier or foundry and forging industry: their many facets make the metal industry one of the most demanding industries on the market. Thanks to our many years of experience we are able to serve the entire spectrum – and offer customized solutions for more efficient processes in metal processing in every area.

Exemplary know-how for all sectors of the metal industry

In the general industry we have seen an increasing demand for automation solutions in recent years and have responded quickly. Our cells and automation solutions are gradually replacing manual or less flexible automated processes.

We also offer innovative production methods such as friction weldingfriction stir welding oder magnetarc welding. In doing so we produce high-quality connections of new materials such as aluminum and copper in cables.

Automated processes for heavy metal processing: the KR QUANTEC at friction stir welding.

Industry 4.0 and the new requirements of the foundry industry

The demands on aluminum castings have increased in terms of detail precision and accurateness. Particularly with regard to industry 4.0, new concepts for a smarter production are always in demand. In the foundry industry, our automation solutions are especially characterized by our networked control systems, an efficient casting process and configurable cells. We offer the entire spectrum in the foundry process – from automated core production, core handling and processing to casting machines and post-processing. These include above all deburring, sawing, drilling and milling.


The cooperation with KSM Castings shows that companies can make their casting processes significantly more efficient with KUKA solutions.

The company manufactures gearboxes for automotive manufacturers in the USA and is enormously profiting from a new, double pouring line from KUKA. The production speed of the aluminum castings from KSM Castings has therefore been significantly increased.

Robots for extreme conditions: The KR QUANTEC nano F exclusive is ideally suited for demanding tasks in the metal industry.

Future-oriented solutions for the metal industry

As a pioneer in robot-based automation solutions and Industrie 4.0, we have the right processes, technologies and products at hand to deliver the highest quality in all areas of application:

  • For example, KUKA offers a broad range of industrial robots that are tailored to meet the very demanding requirements of the metal industry - for example forging at temperatures of more than 1,250 degrees Celsius. You get many of our robotic models in special designs, e. g. for particularly hot or wet environments.
  • With flexible production cells such as the prefabricated and ready-to-use robot cell KUKA flexibleCELL laser you can automate your production precisely and easily.
  • Our ready2-solutions also enable small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from the advantages of automation: they include matched hardware such as burners, wire feeds and welding current sources. The included software packages ensure that each system achieves the best results with completely independent work.

We offer you high-tech products that optimally complement the work of your employees. With our holistic view of the value-added chain, we help you to tap further automation options - and to strengthen you sustainably for the competition.


KUKA strives to provide solutions for all customers which work precisely to the point. Innovative software technologies such as KUKA.ArcTech or KUKA.SeamTechFinding enable fast configuration and evaluation of welds and data.

KR 1000 titan: our power pack for the metal industry

Designed for the metal industry: the KUKA heavy-duty robot KR 1000 titan.

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