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KUKA Nordic has a new Area Sales Manager in Sweden.

Hampus Samuelson, already well known to a large part of our customers. - He has for several years been a much appreciated service technician with us, now he is taking a new step within the organization, says sales manager Kim Reeslev.

9 May 2022

Background as a service technician

Hampus Samuelson, with a background in both the metal industry and system integration, has for three years been a service technician and support for KUKA Nordic's customers. He has deep knowledge of KUKA's software range and good knowledge of the implementation of them, and also how to make an automation equipment work optimally. Hampus knows solutions. - I am genuinely interested in this type of product, to disassemble a robot and put it back together is pure joy for me, says Hampus Samuelsson.

Competitiveness in focus

He thinks the step over to the sales feels natural. With his background as a service technician for KUKA's customers knows what type of products they need, and how to think when using robots. - As a technician, I have always found it easy to understand customer's needs, which many times also led to a sale. It's about finding the smartest way to get a return on their investment, and in the long run creating competitiveness. Automation is progressing very fast right now and there are several things to keep in mind, he says. He will start work on the new position in a fairly natural way.

[The right person in the right place

- I will make customer visits, so there will be a lot of traveling in the beginning. I also hope that I will be able to meet many of our customers at Elmia Automation on 10-13 May, he says. Sales Manager Kim Reeslev is very pleased to have been able to recruit Hampus Samuelson internally for the role of area sales manager.

- He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a strong feeling for the customer's best interests. He is the right person in the right place, he says.