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 - A huge thank you to all of you who participated at the Partner Event.

It was a pleasure meeting you all again, and we hope you found it worth while, we certainly did! The highlight of the year.

30 November 2022

And this years winners

-“We always believe in our system partners’’
A long-term partner is disciplined and focused on its core offering. KUKA Nordic's system partner days is also the annual distribution of the System Partner Awards. This year's categories were: Partner of the year, application of the year, exporter of the year and rookie of the year.

The winners of 2021-2022


Partner of the year - Intek Engineering AS. This year this category was a very close race! But nevertheless this old partner to us has proven that a disciplined focus on the core offering and sticking to their developed standards is the best way to become a true specialist within all industries in this country. 
The partner works very closely with their big customers and has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. The way the existing customers keep coming back and continuously adding new customers to their portfolio is evidence of the value created.  

Application of the year - Teamster AB. This partner teamed up with us in 2021 and has taken our Digital tools to the next level. By integrating a solution virtually and exploiting all possibilities within Digitalization, hereunder Virtual commissioning & VR this Partner sets an example for many other integrators in our industry. By delivering a complete solution directly to the installation site without having worked on the solution physically in their shopfloor beforehand, this application shows how far we have come inside our industry with the help of digital tools. Congratulations to delivering a modern automation solution where “how we normally do” has really been challenged.

Exporter of the year - Randek Robotics AB. This partner is using their year long experience and deep process- and robotics knowledge to continuously develop how solutions are designed within their business. Their solutions are installed globally and within a business segment which has the potential of becoming bigger than even the Automotive business in the next years. A true Exporter within our family of which we are extremely proud of saying those are our System Partners!

Rookie of the year - Alas-Kuul AS. This new partner has from a managerial level really invested in becoming a System Partner in a speedy way, hereby educated several employees this year and also invested in robotics. We strongly believe that this approach will soon bear fruits, both for the Partner and for us at KUKA Nordic AB.
We like to thank this partner for joining our family and look forward to continued cooperation.

A few highlights from the event, the new cobot LBR iisy and the new operation system iiQKA

The Cobot for a new era: Based on KUKA’s next generation operating system, iiQKA.OS, the LBR iisy cobot experience is user-friendly, well-thought-out and straightforward for a wide range of industries with applications that require precise, fast and sensitive activities. Whether in electronics, packaging or general industrial usage, at enterprise-scale or in small companies - its low weight, industrial design, small footprint, integrated sensors and straightforward, intuitive implementation make it a flexible helper that’s quick to get into production.
LBR iisy with the new operating system iiQKA

The strongest offering for simualtion, digitalization and TCO

KUKA Nordic is in the driverseat and forefront of using and selling licenses for KUKA.Sim, leading tool on the market at almost no cost. The simulation software is so much more to the user than just a Simulation. It facilitates daily work and can assist you in significantly shortening the entire project, digitalize it and simulation lowers the cost and risk in every project. - "A software that greatly simplifies the work of a system integrator", says Micael Amandusson.
KUKA Simulation tool KUKA.Sim

Together with our partners, we are at our strongest

Joacim Lorentsson, CEO Cluster Nordic