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Christopher Poohl

Increasing interest in KUKA's robots - now the Swedish sales team is growing

KUKA is something of challenger in the Nordic market - that is taking market shares - and now the company is strengthening its sales organisation in Sweden. - "Among other things, we will focus on self-driving platforms of the AMR type, where we have very competitive products," says Christopher Poohl, new country manager in Sweden.

21 February 2024

New country manager in Sweden

"KUKA is making progress in the Nordic market, and is now strengthening its presence by expanding its sales organisation in Sweden. Christopher Poohl, new country manager in Sweden, emphasises the company's increasing market share and particular focus on AMR self-driving platforms. He emphasises that KUKA proudly presents competitive products in this area." Christopher Poohl enters the KUKA Nordic organisation with the right skills. He is a civil engineer specializing in industrial economics, and has worked with industrial components and automated equipment for ten years in roles such as sales developer, quality manager and most recently as global business development manager. 

Focus on AMR´s

- "I already have a good understanding of robots, and now I'm going to take that knowledge even further. But my main focus as a newcomer to the company is to learn more about KUKA's technology and strengths, and to get to know the customers in the different markets," he says. The sales organisation has set ambitious goals for 2024. Among other things, they will put some extra effort into introducing KUKA's self-driving AMR robots more widely - machines that navigate themselves using modern laser technology.
- They have major advantages over older types of logistics platforms, such as AGVs that need magnetic loops in the ground or similar to find their way around. Here you can quickly establish a whole system of platforms that you can easily control with an ordinary computer," he says.
One of KUKAs AMR´s - KMP 1500P

Structured like few 

As a former athlete - mostly in floorball - he uses an analogy from the world of sports to describe how he will act in his role as country manager. - "I set up the structures for a good basic game, then each player works freely from that.
Those structures also apply to himself: Christopher Pool is an operational manager with his own customers to take care of.  In his work, he reports directly to KUKA Nordic's sales manager, Kim Reeslev, who is happy to be able to expand his sales organisation. - "The interest in automation in general and our products in particular is great right now, which is a potential we will take advantage of", says Kim Reeslev
Christopher Poohl
Christopher Poohl, Country Manager in Sweden.

Christopher is a welcome force in this position, a knowledgeable and experienced person who has the right drive

Kim Reeslev, Sales Manager Cluster Nordic