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Fully robotized factory by Intek in Bergen, Norway

Flexible and modern system for the production of sustainable and green energy storage for the maritime sector. The factory at Corvus Engineering mainly produces batteries for all-electric boats and hybrid vessels and offshore rigs. The total supplier of the solution is Intek, one of KUKA Nordic's reputable and innovative System Partners in Norway.

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In the driver seat for green automation

9 production cells with KUKA Robots

- Production is almost fully automated. It consists of nine production cells with 13 robots and nine AIVs (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle) that transport components from cell to cell. This enables faster changeover and capacity expansion.
- Robots are nothing new. The innovations lie in everything you do not see. Everything is connected - and everything must be coordinated, and communicated and then connected to the customer's ordering system, says Anita Hager, CEO of Intek. - We use artificial intelligence and machine learning in parts of the process. The goal is to make the machines themselves understand the processes they perform and make adjustments accordingly. 
The production is so flexible that they can manufacture a new version of the battery or increase production without modifying the equipment in the factory, says Sølvar Flatmo in Intek Engineering, which is the factory's total supplier. 

System Partner of the Year 2019

Intek Engineering is a system integrator, which creates complete solutions, and makes the interaction between robots and other equipment efficient. With the help of technology and robots, they make green value chains more sustainable. Automation is a prerequisite for success, and to produce green products with green energy in Norway - "we can". Intek has robots as its passion, and the environment is also in focus. The project at Corvus in Søgnefjord is proof of that.
Some say to little is done, but not Intek!

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