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Canpro has established a close collaboration with Alutec

When Canpro designed universal gripping tools that can handle a variety of components and profiles for Alutec, it was natural to use KUKA robots together with them. Alutec has been operational since 1986 and are very successful with their Jamax scaffolding system and Jamax floating jetty.

Investing aggressively in automation

Alutec AS is a Norwegian company operational since 1986, that produces Jamax scaffolding system and Jamax floating jetty. In recent years, Alutec has invested heavily in automatization of their production. Purpose being to increase quality, capacity and profitability so that they can continue to be competitive and preserve their production in Norway. Over several years, Canpro has established an close collaboration with Alutec, where they step by step has robotized / automated operations to meet the demands of the future. 
Cell for mounting welding and shaping of scaffolding legs, as well as welding of hooks in aluminum beams to the scaffolding platform.

Special designed gripping tool

Volume products such as scaffolding frames and railings are now welded in cells/production lines designed, installed and put into operation by Canpro. In addition, a cell has been installed that assembles, welds and shapes scaffolding legs. It also welds hooks in aluminum beams to the scaffolding platform. Because of this, a especially designed gripping tool that uses both an electromagnet and vacuum, and in addition to this also picks up the desired welding gun. 
Svein Håhjem with discharge table from laser machine and gripping tools for handling components.

Wide variety of components

The latest delivery to be completed these days is a production line that lifts entire profiles from bundles into laser cutters that cut out the components that are later welded together into scaffolding parts. Here, a outfeed table with an integrated press for U-profiles has also been made. The components are placed directly in transport baskets by robot so that logistics are easy for the next steps in production. Of course, KUKA robots have been used, with Canpro designing universal gripping tools that can handle a wide variety of components and profiles. A combination of pneumatic magnets, powerful electromagnets that are controlled with voltage have been used. Video of the solution
Svein Håhjem, Senior Solution Architect and product developer programmerer sveisecelle.

It is incredibly rewarding to experience everything we get together with customers who give us trust and suppliers/partners like KUKA who deliver quality, Endre Næss CEO Canpro AS

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