On-site system service: available worldwide and at any time

Welcome to KUKA’s system service. Take advantage of our comprehensive range of services in the field of systems engineering: from commissioning and repairs to maintenance, servicing and system expansion.

Services provided by KUKA Plant Services

We are the company with many years of experience for competent solutions in the service sector for industrial systems. With KUKA as a partner, your supplied technical system will be reliably serviced "for life".
We offer our customers the necessary competence and know-how around the clock, at any time of the day or night, in over 30 countries. Our experts are available 24/7 by phone and the service levels can be individually adapted to their needs. That is why we are the competent partner who guarantees high quality standards to our customers.
We pay special attention to our customer service. Specially tailored inspection and maintenance contracts guarantee high availability of your plant through prevention.
From process optimization to modifications and extensions of your plants, as well as equipment and services, up to our comprehensive spare parts service, we take care of you directly at the plant on site. Nowadays, the market often develops anew through regular innovations. With the help of our employees, the future success of your plant can be ensured through extensions and conversions.
And if something should still go wrong, our hotline with competent contact persons offers "first aid" and the use of our KUKA RemoteService enables the problem to be analyzed and rectified quickly.

Advantages of our system service

Optimized and reliable system productivity

Avoidance of unplanned system downtimes

Concentration on the core business

The aim is to achieve optimum and plannable utilization of the company's own maintenance capacity while increasing flexibility.

Comprehensive documentation

Preventive maintenance services are documented in detail as a basic requirement for quality audits.

Take advantage of our comprehensive system service

From planning and commissioning to the company's own KUKA spare parts warehouse on site. For maximum availability of your cells, machines and systems, we offer you suitable service and maintenance packages, tailored to your requirements. Benefit from our worldwide service - we will be happy to submit a suitable concept to you.

Become a contract customer and benefit from long-term advantages

Find out more about our modular KUKA service contracts and receive service support that precisely meets your wishes and needs. Contact us and learn more about KUKA contract services.

Do you need ad-hoc technical service support quickly?

The KUKA specialists on our technical service hotline are your strong partner and are available to you around the clock:

Your direct contact to our system service:
T +49 800 0006556   KUKA-Service@kuka.com

KUKA 設備服務內容

我們是一家擁有多年經驗的公司,致力於為工業設備服務領域提供專業高效的解決方案。作為您的合作夥伴,KUKA 保證您所獲得的技術設備將得到可靠的「終身」維護。

我們駐地於全球 30 多個國家,不分晝夜,隨時為客戶提供必要的競爭優勢專業知識。我們的專家團隊全天候電話待命,並且可以依據您的個別需求制定服務等級。因此,KUKA 是您的最佳專業合作夥伴,保證提供高品質標準。



即使出現問題,我們的相關負責人將會透過熱線為您提供專業的「急救方案」,而我們的 KUKA RemoteService 遠端服務部也將會快速分析和排除問題。 

KUKA 設備服務的優勢




暫停生產期間由經驗豐富的 KUKA 專業人員實行預防性保養措施,並採用 KUKA 原廠備件,有效避免設備無預期停機。






從規劃和試運轉到 KUKA 專屬現場備件倉庫。


善用我們的全球服務 – 我們很樂意為您提供合適的設計方案。


更進一步瞭解我們的模組化 KUKA 服務合約,獲得完全滿足您的願望和需求的服務。歡迎與我們聯絡,瞭解更多有關 KUKA 簽約服務的資訊。


KUKA 專家很樂於透過我們的技術服務熱線為您提供支援,成為您有力的最佳夥伴。


電話 +49 800 0006556 KUKA-Service@kuka.com

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