Shaping Future Production Landscapes

Business decisions made today determine your ability to compete tomorrow. Lay the groundwork for the production systems of the future with pioneering manufacturing solutions and intelligent networks.

Shaping future production systems to breed success

It is undeniable – the rules that govern the global economy are changing. Shortened product cycles, networked production sequences, volatile markets and scarcity of resources – these are only a few examples of the parameters that will shape the new market economy.

To ensure that our company flourishes in this new environment and to take advantage of the associated opportunities in a profitable and sustainable manner, it is essential that we use the success factors of tomorrow’s highly-automated production landscapes as the basis of our decision-making.

Megatrends will have ramifications for the production systems of tomorrow

The revolutionary and radical change in our production processes will be driven by digitalization, demographic changes, customization, scarcity of resources and shifts in economic power.

Those who understand these megatrends and act accordingly will be able to turn these changes into opportunities.

Familiarize yourself with five of these megatrends and the impact they will have on the production systems of the future.

The development of future production landscapes is heavily influenced by megatrends.

The key to success within your industry 

Are you looking to prepare your production systems to successfully overcome the challenges of tomorrow?

Find out more about the three key factors from industrial robotics expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Jacob.

  • Adaptation

    Your company’s ability to adapt and the flexibility of its processes and technologies will determine whether it can keep up with the pace of technological change. To remain competitive in times of dynamic market trends, you should be investing more heavily in open interfaces and networked ecosystems. These are the keys to establishing a thriving culture of innovation and the basis for needs-based adaptations and modernizations, functional enhancements and continuous refinement.

    Learn more about the key factor “Adaptation”

  • People

    Sustainable production landscapes need people – both in developmental and operational roles. Take your employees with you on your journey into the future. The positive effects of flexible and networked productions systems will only be felt once they can be set up, operated and refined easily by your employees.

    Learn more about the key factor “People”

  • Technology

    By combining Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), we are able to push the existing boundaries of production landscapes. Networks and IT-driven developments such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and the Cloud are creating brand-new, high-quality opportunities for production companies.

    Learn more about the key factor “Technology”

Landmarks in the production environment of the future

This radical change in our production environment brings with it a multitude of new opportunities that can be converted successfully if these key factors are taken into account. Familiarize yourself with KUKA’s broad spectrum of automation solutions and get started on preparing your production systems for the challenges of the future.

Find out about all of KUKA’s landmarks

Get ahead of the market now!

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