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KUKA.NavigationSolution is the ideal partner for autonomously navigating vehicles. Whether navigation, control, management or monitoring: our navigation solution covers all mobility requirements. 

Navigation solution for autonomous mobile robots

Mobile robots receive their commands via WLAN. They perform their driving and handling tasks in a fully self-contained manner. They use algorithms to position themselves, plan their route and take on loads.

All mobile robotics systems from KUKA can be equipped with KUKA.NavigationSolution. This makes them flexible and mobile. The navigation solution also includes an ideal fleet management system. It meets the latest demands of mobile robotics with the appropriate interfaces – fully in keeping with Industrie 4.0


Our smart navigation solution consists of

  • an industrial PC, which is built into the AGV system, and the actual navigation software
  • software that manages all vehicles and coordinates planning

This is how KUKA.NavigationSolution works

KUKA.NavigationSolution makes fully autonomous navigation possible.

Advantages of KUKA.NavigationSolution

Autonomous control

KUKA.NavigationSolution enables autonomous navigation of mobile platforms – with no risk of collision and without the need for artificial markings. The software acquires all the data from the safety laser scanners and wheel sensors and uses them to create a corresponding map of the surroundings by means of the SLAM method (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). The system responds to changes in the environment – which occur frequently in a flexible logistics system. The use of virtual tracks makes it possible to move the platform exclusively along defined routes.

KUKA.NavigationSolution includes all components needed for autonomous vehicle navigation. 

Flexible software integration

KUKA offers an Eclipse-based development environment that can be used to program applications in Java. The modular Java API with suitable interfaces for the requirements of mobile robotics allows the integration of third-party software. The existing platform fleets can be simply updated, and other platforms can be added to or removed from the existing system.

Exact positioning

KUKA.NavigationSolution offers the following options for high-precision positioning of the mobile platform in its environment:

  1. Fine localization for precise determination of the vehicle position relative to the object or within an environment
  2. Fine positioning for increased positioning accuracy
  3. Relative positioning through CAD-based object recognition and tracking, e.g. for picking up loads
Simple, intuitive and graph-based navigation

Hardware-independent software

The hardware-independent navigation software of KUKA.NavigationSolution can be used for different platform kinematic systems. It can handle any motion principles, including holonomic vehicles with Mecanum wheels, such as the KUKA omniMove. The machine parameters are configured via a standardized interface.

Freely scalable, modular setup

Additional features, such as object recognition and tracking and relative positioning, enable coordinated planning.