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Robot Rhapsody: The KUKA playlist for your summer

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for the summer? How about KUKA Robots on your playlist?

Carolin Hort
July 10, 2024
Reading Time: 2 min.
KUKA robots are not only capable of precision and efficiency in industrial applications, but also combine art with technology. We show you a few examples:

The band Kjays consists of a drummer named KR3 AGILUS and a DJ named KR CYBERTECH nano. Together with their light artist KR AGILUS, they deliver the perfect sound for a cozy barbecue evening with their track:

The show cell club_KUKA combines good entertainment with technical precision. The right music for the soundtrack comes from @djpsound5041

Same band, new song: the DJ provides the rhythm, the drummer loops his beats. And the lighting artist puts everything in the right light:

Perfectly coordinated: The robots of the KUKA show cell club_KUKA. Music by @djpsound5041

Movie night instead of a barbecue? How about the Beverly Hills Cop? 

The robot rock band developed for SXSW 2019 uses software technologies such as KUKA.ready2_animate to harmoniously combine music and robotics by converting MIDI files into motion tables and then into robot programs:

Beverly Hills Cop at the KUKA booth at SXSW 2019.
The fact that KUKA robots feel at home on the big stage could also be seen at the Augsburg State Theater's virtual reality ballet. There, an orange industrial robot was one of the main actors in the play "kinesphere": 
KUKA robot dances on stage at the Augsburg State Theater with a ballet dancer
© Staatstheater Augsburg| Jan Pieter Fuhr
Another robot also danced - with athlete Amy Purdy from the USA, at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Paralympic Games:
Photo by Georgeana Godinho
What else can robots do? They are represented in almost every industry, that much can be revealed.
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