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LKN new System Partner to KUKA Nordic AB

KUKA Nordic starts collaboration with one of Sweden's leading suppliers ofautomated production systems and solutions – Welcome as a new System Partner.  - The collaboration means that we strengthen our offering in the market. LKN has been a very strong player for a long time in the automotive industry and they can bring this experience to the rest of the manufacturing industry, says Lars Cardemar, Area Sales Manager at KUKA Nordic.

24 November 2020

Gothenburg-based LKN is the latest company in KUKA's network of system partners. For almost 35 years, LKN has tailored automation solutions to its customers, which have been in the automotive industry for many years and increasingly also in other industry segments.
- KUKA has a very good product range and good service and for us the collaboration means that we get access to a reputable robot brand. Together, we can solve customer needs in a cost-effective and secure way while we can offer skills development to our employees,
says Fredrik Boberg, CEO of LKN Industriautomation.
Together we can always deliver products and skills that benefit the customers in the end. - Our collaboration will mean a broadened customer base and application which together with good support will give our customers
attractive via solutions, says Lars Cardemar and Fredrik Boberg.
- LKN can add knowledge and expertise in robot programming, simulations and not least sales of projects that strengthen both of us in the market, states Lars Cardemar and adds in conclusion:
- We also have a really nice time together!
Lars Cardemar, Sales Manager KUKA Nordic AB. Fredrik Boberg, CEO LKN.

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