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On October 18–20, Scanutomatic will start in Gothenburg, and KUKA Nordic will be there.

- We travel to the fair to talk about, among other things, our software that makes the integration with the PLC world faster, safer and easier, says Micael Amandusson, channel manager at KUKA Nordic.

11 October 2022

More than robots

The main message from KUKA during the fair is More than Robots – that the company can contribute much more than delivering world-class industrial robots.
- Our range of control units and software for integration, simulation and virtual commissioning is very ambitious. These are solutions that simplify, streamline and increase the security of the applications, says Micael Amanduson. Among other things, KUKA will demonstrate the KUKA.AppTech concept at the fair. A software that is built up in modules and that uses predefined structures and sequences.
It provides a substantial simplification which means that advanced engineering skills are no longer required to program at a high level. The simulation program KUKA.Sim is also displayed in the stand, a software that greatly facilitates a system integrator. When a robot cell is to be built, it is possible, among other things, to create a digital twin where it is also possible to carry out tests and identify any weaknesses directly in an ordinary laptop. The program can take in a model of the environment where robots and other equipment will work and also place everything in the right scale.
KUKA.Sim also opens up the possibility of carrying out a Factory Acceptance Test already in the computer environment.
- After that, it is possible to connect the computer-generated environment directly with a PLC, robot and central HMI even before anything is actually built.

Collaborative robot

When it comes to robots, visitors will, among other things, see an LBR iisy in action in the stand. LBR iisy is a collaborative robot – light, fast and with high precision – that is suitable for a variety of processes. It can perform pick-and-place operations, work together machine tools or be used for packaging and testing, and more.
But participation at Scanautomatic is about more than displaying products.

- Fairs are primarily about meeting, and it feels fantastic to be able to meet existing and potential customers again, says Micael Amandusson.

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