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Easy for beginners and efficient for the experienced“KUKA.AppTech makes programming both easier and faster

Fast and safe programming crossed with great simplicity – that is what the KUKA.AppTech concept is about.It is a very neat solution that takes robot programming to a new, very manageable level,” says Micael Amandusson, channel manager at KUKA Nordic.

26 September 2022

Operation in record time

What makes KUKA.AppTech special is that it is built up in modules. The software uses predefined structures and sequences. In short, one can make a comparison with 30 years ago when home computers advanced from requiring knowledge of a programming language to Microsoft’s Windows and the break-through of Apple computers.
We are talking about a huge simplification, where you don’t need a degree from a technical university to program. Even beginners with robots can follow it”, says Micael Amandusson. 
In operation in record time
But KUKA.AppTech doesn’t just make it easier. Speed is also increased. 
“The Robots are in operation in record time. A time saving of approximately 30 percent.
The KUKA.AppTech programming concept enables efficient and, above all, simple robot programming in a minimum of time.

Off-line programming

Another finesse is that it works off-line. The robot operator can test movements and build sequences directly in their laptop, without even having the robot online. As mentioned, KUKA.AppTech consists of a number of program modules that contain the functionality that is normally required by end users in most applications. Examples of this are PLC-integration, home operation after collision, automatic changing of load data to mention a few.
The smart programming concept uses knowledge and experience that KUKA has built up over the years, when the different industrial applications were formed. The control concept has been used to create the software’s modules.

Smart for experts too
But a more driven robot programmer need not feel themselves restricted by the prepared modules.
The movement procedures and sequences can be expanded and programmed by anyone who wants to”, says Micael Amandusson, who explains that KUKA.AppTech is so much more than just easy for beginners.
“The program library has lots to offer for more experienced programmers. It also works well for more advanced solutions and gives great time savings”, he says.

“The movement procedures and sequences can be expanded and programmed by anyone who wants to”, says Micael Amandusson,