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Automated production in the white goods industry

The use of robots enables flexibility and ensures that the manufacture of household appliances becomes productive and cost-efficient. We have an eye on the challenges posed by the different production processes – and offer simple robot operation.

Greater efficiency by using robots in the production and final assembly of household appliances

From electric cookers to fans – what exactly are white goods?

White goods is the generic term for the wide variety of electronic household appliances – from washing machines and freezers to tumble dryers and dishwashers.

Their manufacturing poses a wide variety of challenges: assembly inside appliances, including overhead work and heavy appliance components. At the same time, safety standards and quality guarantees have to be observed. Manufacturers need innovative and simple answers for automation if they want to keep their production efficient and cost-effective despite the many demands.

Ergonomically optimal: the use of collaborative robots in dishwasher manufacturing

Robot-assisted assembly of dishwashers in places that are hard to access in order to reduce the burden on the worker.

KUKA robotics for white goods assembly lines – from cobots to small robots to large robots

All of our robots are characterized by speed, reliability and absolute precision. There is always the right solution for every production task in our diverse robotics portfolio. 



Our robot controllers ensure seamless integration into your production lines. Small robots can be connected to the KR C5 micro controller, which impresses with its extremely low space requirement. The KR C5 robot controller integrates all robots and offers not only easy installation but also enormous energy efficiency. 


Robotic packaging and assembly line with conveyor belt for large household appliances.

Are you interested in an automation solution?

Drawing on our wealth of competence and experience, we analyze your requirements and develop an individual solution for your white goods production.

KUKA robots in operation at household appliance manufacturers

How do industrial robots make production more efficient? Find out more about their use in the white goods industry.