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KS TurnFlex: keeping things turning in body-in-white production

KS TurnFlex makes your production processes more flexible and significantly more efficient You can equip its turntable with up to four geometry tools. This allows you to use one central station to process the side panels and underbodies of different automobile models.

KS TurnFlex enables quicker operations and high type flexibility for car body production plants. In essence it consists of a turntable which can hold up to four tools and a downstream workstation. The joining operations are performed by a process robot at this free-standing “workbench”.

How the KS TurnFlex works

  • The starting position of the KS TurnFlex is the turntable with space for up to four geometry tools on separate carriages. 
  • The tool is located on the KS TurnFlex. A component is mounted on it by the first robot. 
  • The loaded tool is moved on rails into the processing station to allow the geometry spot welds to be made. 
  • A second robot then unloads the component for further processing above the tool. 
  • At the same time the empty tool carriage is transported back to the turntable to be loaded again with components.
  • After completion of the respot welds, the processed component is unloaded. Using this parallel process the next cycle can be started without loss of time.
KS TurnFlex operations shown in schematic form

Advantages of the KS TurnFlex

  • User-friendly: the geometry tools are readily accessible and can easily be exchanged as required.
  • Future-oriented: uncomplicated exchange of tools in order to produce new models 
  • Quick: simultaneous welding and change of tooling reduces non-productive times to a minimum.

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